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    BEAUTIFUL SCENERY IN GUANGXI An Official Promotion Video of Guangxi

    Beihai has carried out development and construction at high level in accordance with high standard  required by a modern city plan, and completed an area of over 30 square kilometers. Look around the city proper, and you will find that the road is broad and straight, the roadside trees flourishing, always smelling sweet. What a pleasant gift from the nature!  The sea is deep blue, sunshine bright, sea beach with  fine sand and clear water, harmonious mixture of buildings with western and Chinese style, residential zones with fine surroundings, green plazas with distinctive features, all contrasting finely with each other, leaving you so many beautiful things that you simply can not take them all in. What a picture of distinctively local custom, the Pearl Home culture, the Hakka's culture, and the Danjia culture, with the local residents so kind and simple!

    Beihai is located on the Beibu Gulf in the southern part of Guangxi province, on the southwestern coast of China. It faces Southeast Asia across the sea, with southwest China immediately behind. It borders Guangdong, Hainan, Hong Kong, Macao and Vietnam by land and sea.

    The city covers 3,337 square kilometers, and its population totals 1.35 million, including 480,000 in surrounding urban areas. Beihai and surrounding areas are home to high-quality and attractive buildings and infrastructure representative of any modern city plan.

    Look around the city proper, and you will find broad, straight roads beautified by trees perfuming the air ... a pleasant gift from nature! Architecture is a harmonious mixture of western and Chinese styles; residential zones are surrounded by green plazas with distinctive features, and offer many beautiful sights to enjoy. The bordering sea is clear and deep blue, sunshine bright, and washes upon beaches of fine sand.

    Examples of distinctively local customs include the Pearl Home, Hakka, and the Danjia cultures.

    The city has an especially advantageous location in the economic region of Southwest China and Asia's Pacific Rim. In 1984 Beihai was designated as one of the fourteen Chinese coastal cities to be further opened to the outside world. Since the beginning of the reform, the city has worked to achieve rapid development and thus become an affluent, beautiful, civilized and garden-like modern city.

    Beihai abounds in tourism resources for visitors interested in a marine environment. We have the sea, sand beaches, islands, seafood, marine treasures, mangrove, coral, maritime culture, and marine sports, etc., all of which combine for a complete marine experience.

    Beihai has witnessed a rapid development in its tourist industry ever since 1984. It was designated as one of China's important tourism cities in 1988, and has now become a major tourist destination for the coastal south of China.

    (Translations by Larry )

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